Traveler’s Info

Travelers' Information

Your travel with pleasure, not pressure!!! Getting thing ready for your Trip to Bhutan


The minimum daily package for tourists travelling in a group of 3 persons or more is as follows: USD $200 per person per night for the months of January, February, June, July, August, and December. USD $250 per person per night for the months of March, April, May, September, October, and November. These rates are applicable per tourist per night halt in Bhutan. On the day of departure, the ‘local… Read More »


With the exception of visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, all other visitors to Bhutan need a visa. Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals can obtain a visa at the port of entry on producing a valid passport with a minimum of 6 month validity (Indian nationals may also use their Voters Identity Card (VIC)). All other tourists must obtain a visa clearance prior to travel to Bhutan. Visas are processed… Read More »


A wide variety of accommodation is available ranging from luxurious 5-star hotels to cozy little hotels and home-stays in traditional Bhutanese homes and settings. Visitors can be assured of their warmth and comfort of the hotels. Similarly, the ambiance and hospitality offered by the hotels are incredible. The types of accommodations can be divided into: Hotels Resorts Farm-stays Home-stays Additionally visitors embarking on long treks will be provided with tents… Read More »

Getting into Bhutan

The way to Bhutan: travel by land and travel by air. The Kingdom of Bhutan remained largely cut off from the rest of the world up until the early 1960’s. Entering the country was difficult as it was only accessible by foot from two main entry points, one in the North and another from the South. The Northern route was through Tibet, crossing high mountain passes that were inaccessible throughout… Read More »

Payment Procedure

Tour payment must be settled 60 days prior to date of arrival in Bhutan and VISA is cleared by the Government subject to advance payment only. To transfer money to Bhutan National Bank limited, Thimphu from any place outside Bhutan and India, please deposit/transfer the payment to following bank. BANK ADDRESS: Beneficiary Bank: Bhutan National Bank Limited, P.O Box 439, General Post Office Building Thimphu, Bhutan SWIFT: BNBTBTBT Account No.:… Read More »